Numeric Entry

The numeric entry module provides a field to enter numeric answers. Answers may be in scientific notation or standard form. If you are required to enter units, there will be a second box in which to enter them.


Entering Number and Units


  1. Units Field. If units are graded, this field will be blue and interactive. Click in the field to type your answer.

  2. Number Field. Enter your numeric answer in this space. Click in the field to type your answer.


Number Tools


The number field contains a Tools tab with an option for scientific notation. Click to multiply a number by 10x. For example, six million (6,000,000) can be written as 6 x 106. To accomplish this, enter 6 in the number field, then click  and then enter 6 in the exponent box (Shortcut: Shift-8). Numbers can be entered in either standard or scientific notation.  


Units Tools  

The units field contains the following tools.


  1. Italic. Highlight text and click this button to make the text italic.

  2. Degrees Fahrenheit. Inserts degrees Fahrenheit at cursor.

  3. Degrees Celsius. Inserts degrees Celsius at cursor.

  4. Ohm. Inserts an ohm symbol at cursor.

  5. Mu (represents micro or 10-6 in many disciplines). Inserts a mu at cursor.

  6. Angstrom. Inserts Å at cursor.

  7. Parentheses. Inserts a set of parentheses at cursor.

  8. Superscript.  Highlight text and click to superscript text, or click to open superscript editing area (Shortcut: Shift^). Note: this editor provides a special feature that allows for multi-level superscripting. To escape superscript mode, use the right keyboard arrow or click on the main line.

  9. Grab. Select to move contents of module within entry field. Select the tool, and then click on the equation and hold while moving the mouse.






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